She Bought a Kettle, 76 min, 2023

Feature film by Nariman Turebayev

Production company: Altera Pars

Pushed by intense fear and helplessness, Ainur quits her job and hides from a rapist colleague. She manages to stop the physical hurts, but it’s the inner pain that takes longest. Feeling of numbness, detachment makes her isolated from the everyday life. Her only friend is a new kettle that rings when it shouldn’t. It might be broken. Just like her.

 Triggered by traumatic imagination, Ainur falls into some dark adventures.

DOP: Aidar Musabekov

Art Director: Alexey Philimonov

Producers: Farkhat Sharipov, Dina Zhumabek, Yuliya Kim

Composer: Galymzhan Sekeyev

Sound: Iliya Korobeinikov, Nikita Borgatin

CAST: Aidana Shari, Asylbek Musabekov