The Horse Thieves (WIP)

Kazakhstan, Japan / 2019 Asian Project Market 2017 Barymtashylar/ The Horse Thieves Directors: Yerlan Nurmukhambetov, Lisa Takeba Script writer: Yerlan Nurmukhambetov illustration by Saule Suleimenova Countries: Kazakhstan, Japan Genre: Western, drama Reference films: “No country for old men” by brothers Coen “Once upon a time in Anatolia” by Nuri Blige Ceylan “The naked island” by Kaneto Shindo “My friend Ivan Lapshin” by Alexey German   Artistic mood inspired by Andrew Newell Wyeth and Saule Suleimenova Logline: Foothills of Tian Shan. Gangsters murder a father of a young family and steal the herd of horses that belonged to the village. To compensate the debts the family sells the house and move. On their way they collapse with gangsters. […]

The Secret of a Leader

 (sept, 2018) Kazakhfilm By Farkhat Sharipov, 97 min, 2018 Script based on a novel by Daniyar Surgalinov «Bricks 2.0» TRAILER When Kanat hits the bottom, still living with his mother at 40 passed, stuck mid level in his bank job, fantasizing from afar on girls, the unexpected encounter with his evil half, longtime friend Daniyar makes him take a moral u turn and his life takes a plunge in the dark. At the background we see the country with its fake patriotic ideas and national self-affirmation. Director — Farkhat Sharipov Producers – Serik Zhubandykov, Yerzhan Akhmetov, Yuliya Kim Executive Producer- Dina Zhumabek Scriptwriter – Farkhat Sharipov DOP – Alexander Plotnikov Art […]



2017, Astana Film Fund A new film by Akan Satayev. Thriller, drama Feature film, 64 min Synopsis A young woman in a big weird and entirely empty city with no other humans, no noise from the streets and no sounds of nature. The only one who shares her loneliness is her little daughter. She takes care of her, they do everything together, they draw, play and read the fairy tales every night. But their perfect world drastically changes when they notice someone else’s presence. Film Festivals and screenings: Busan International Film Festival — A window on Asian Cinema Section Cairo International Film Festival — Festival of Festivals Section Silk Road International Film Festival, China […]



(20min), 2016 / Tanaris Production An elderly shepherd and his wife are at the center of this tale of winter survival and disconnection, unfolding over the course of one fateful day and night, swirling around a group of solitary characters that only ever cross paths physically. FESTIVALS: Busan International Film Festival 2016 — Best Short Film AWARD IndieLisboa — Official Selection 2017 — Lisbon, Portugal Film Festival Della Lessina 2017 — Verona, Italy Special screening in Baku Center of Modern Art — Baku, Azerbaijan Director — Yelzat Yeskendir Producer — Sergey Azimov Company — Tanaris Production Script — Omirzhan Abdykalik, Yelzat Yeskendir DOP — Meyirbek Bespayev Editor — Yermek Zakariya, Maksim Karatayev Music […]



inspired by a photo book by Darezhan Omirbayev «SILENCE» // Project (Kazakhstan) Script: Darezhan Omirbayev, Yerlan Nurmukhambetov Director: Yerlan Nurmukhambetov Producer: Julia Kim Lead actor: Darezhan Omirbayev as himself     Logline:   Facing mid-life and creative crisis, Kazakh director Darezhan Omirbaev renounced making films. A young film critic wants to understand his decision. Omirbaev reluctantly accepts to answer his questions during a visit to the remote village where he grew up.   Annotation In Kazakhstan, as in an increasing number of places, to direct a film that embeds a personal vision is more and more challenging. Would you finally succeed crafting one, engaging an audience often remains a remote goal. For more than […]

walnut tree

Walnut tree

2015, Kazakhfilm «Walnut Tree» by Yerlan Nurmukhambetov One film that won almost all our hearts on the FIPRESCI jury is Walnut Tree, a Kazakhstanian film about the everyday lives of people living in a small village, directed by Yerlan Nurmukhambetov. Basically it is a film about a wedding ceremony, and is full of compassion, laughter and humor. (FIPRESCI) «A young Kazakh couple wants to get married according to a centuries-old tradition. For this, is it necessary to steal the future bride? Eastern cinema with a great sense of humor.» (Warsaw IFF) «The film occupies a unique place in contemporary Kazakh cinema in that it neither wholly glorifies nor disparages life in […]

poster stranger


2015, Tursunov Film Over 5 000 000 Kazakhs have been died of hunger, killed in battles and other adversities in the first half of 20th century. A slave is not the one captured and shackled in chains but the one who dares not to think of living without it   This film is contemplation about Freedom. We take one separate man’s fate as a basis. This man is a shepherd. The times are hard: 1930s – 1940s. Kazakh steppe is scourged by famine, wasteland, collectivization and war… These are just the times that test people’s humanity. However many of them fail this test.   FESTIVALS: Toronto International Film Festival — Contemporary […]

Once in an Orphanage

2015, Tanaris Production An airplane Seoul-Amsterdam makes an emergency landing in one small town in Kazakhstan. That’s how 4 Korean kids found themselves in an orphanage for  several days. But orphan kids doesn’t seem happy to meet the foreigners. (Children from the real Almaty orphanage acted in this film)   _______________________________________ Festivals / Awards: Internationales Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg, Official Selection, 2015 Kinoshock 2016 — Best young actor CMS 9th International Children’s Film Festival — India, Lucknow _______________________________________   Directors — Ruslan Magomadov, Serik Abishev Screenwriters — Ruslan Magomadov, Sergey Azimov General producer — Sergey Azimov Music improvisation — Batyrkhan Shukenov DOP — Erkinbek Ptyraliyev Set designer — Eldar Tamalov Costume designer — Samal Kozhabekova […]