Evacuation (WIP) 2023

Feature Film by Farkhat Sharipov

Production: Altera Pars , Kazakhfilm



In the beginning of the World War II, a young woman is getting evacuated with her daughter. During the evacuation, she loses her child in the boundless steppes of Kazakhstan. No documents, no money, no clue on where her child might be. Only hope, that makes her move on and keep looking.



The main character of the film is a young woman, Natasha, who, together with her six-year-old daughter, are being evacuated from Leningrad to Alma-Ata in the fall of 1941. At one of the stations, somewhere on the territory of Kazakhstan, they get stuck, waiting for a locomotive to be attached to their train to move on. A small station turns into a spontaneous evacuation point. When the government allocates two locomotives to finally send the trains to their final destinations, chaos reigns at the station, and Natalya loses her daughter in the confusion. In the search for her daughter Natasha finds herself in Alma-Ata,  crowded with evacuees.


Cast: Natalia Vitmer, Evdokia Bobrik

Producers: Dina Zhumabek, Yuliya Kim (associate producer)

DOP – Alexander Plotnikov

Art Director – Sabit Kurmanbekov




Dina Zhumabek (Almaty): +7 775 488 7731 // contact_dina@yahoo.com

Yuliya Kim (Paris): +33 (0) 78 33 33 544 // kzf.kim@gmail.com

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