Heart Worm (Feature, WIP)

In a post-pandemic world dependent on NeuraLife technology, a virtual platform where all human interaction takes place, a bereaved mother battles to bring her grief-striking husband back to reality and escape the confines of NeuraLife’s fabricated world.

Ash Valley (Feature, WIP)

Deep within the heart of an industrial “utopia,” lies the township of Ash Valley – a boiling cauldron of diverse cultures in Eurasia. Fueled by the extraction and export of oil, the citizens of Ash Valley toil away, working tirelessly in the industry that drives the State’s revenue…

She Bought a Kettle, 76 min, 2023

A new feature film by Nariman Turebayev. Pushed by intense fear and helplessness, Ainur quits her job and hides from a rapist colleague. She manages to stop the physical hurts, but it’s the inner pain that takes longest.

Last Screening, 30 min, 2022

LAST SCREENING by Darezhan Omirbayev. Notwithstanding the layman’s opinion, art and life are two different worlds, separated
by an impassable abyss. Young artists have to make that difficult choice.

SCHEME. 74 min, 2022

Grand Prix Berlinale Generation 14+. SCHEME by Farkhat Sharipov is based on the revelations of teenagers and reveals the scheme of sexual exploitation of adolescents, motivated by easy money.

POET. 105 min, 2021

A new film by Darezhan Omirbayev. Tokyo IFF – Best Director Award, Berlinale Forum. Didar is a poet chained to a day job in a small newspaper. In the age of mass consumption, very few care about poetry.

18 KILOHERTZ, 81 min, 2020

Grand Prix of Warsaw IFF, Cottbus IFF – Best Youth film. 18 kHz is a sound frequency that adults can’t hear. Farkhat Sharipov accompanies two friends who slide ever deeper into a vortex of drugs and violence.

CHILDREN OF WAR. Work in progress

Work in progress. In the beginning of the World War II, a young woman is getting evacuated with her daughter. During the evacuation, she loses her child in the boundless steppes of Kazakhstan.


Co-directed by Yerlan Nurmukhambetov and Lisa Takeba. Gangsters murder a father of a young family and steal the herd of horses. o compensate the debts the family sells the house and move. On their way they collapse with gangsters.

THE SECRET OF A LEADER. 97 min, 2018

When Kanat hits the bottom, still living with his mother at 40 passed, stuck mid level in his bank job, the unexpected encounter with his evil half, Daniyar makes him take a moral u turn and his life takes a plunge in the dark.


A Kazakh film about the everyday lives of people living in a small village, directed by Yerlan Nurmukhambetov. Basically it is a film about a wedding ceremony, and is full of compassion, laughter and humor.