Yermek Tursunov

Film Director

fa02d7a036de587a10d17db4c80b32d0b2577217Yermek Tursunov was born in July 20, 1961 in Kazakhstan. Novelist, writer and film director. He graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi then the Faculty of Scenario and Film History of Russian State University of Cinematography.

Yermek Tursunov is famous for his books: “Prelude”, “Tamga”, “Kurak Korpe”, “Mustafa Shokai”, “Mamlyuk”, “Kelin”, “Seven days in May”, “One way ticket”, etc.

He also translated from Kazakh to Russian classic and modern Kazakh literature by Magzhan Zhumabayev, Shakarim Kudaiberdiev, Akhmet Baitursynov, Merzhakyp Dulatov, etc.

Yermek wrote scripts to well-known Kazakh films: “Abul Khair Khan”, “Mother’s paradise” (with M.Makhmalbaf), “Mustafa Shokai” (with Sergey Bodrov), “Mongol” (with Sergey Bodrov), “Kurak Korpe”, “Forth world”, “Mytar”, “Sabalak” (with Timur Bekmambetov), “Baksy” (with Gulshat Omarova), “Mamlyuk”, “Kelin”, “Kenzhe”, “Seven days in May”, “Gift to Stalin” (with Pavel Finn), “Shal”, “Who are you , Mr. Ka?”, etc.

The career of director

2009 – “Kelin” (“The Bride”)

2012 – “Shal” (“The Old Man”)

2014 – “Kempyr” (“Crone”)

2015 – “Kenzhe” (“Little brother”)

2015 – “Zhat” (STRANGER)

Yermek Tursunov won Grand Prix in Competition of scriptwriters (Russia), won “Golden Star” prize for his script “Tell me, who is your friend” (Russia), won Kazakh National Prize “Kulager” for “Best Film”(2010), “Best Director”(2012), “The Man of the Year” (Kazakhstan, 2011), etc.