Once in an Orphanage

2015, Tanaris Production

An airplane Seoul-Amsterdam makes an emergency landing in one small town in Kazakhstan. That’s how 4 Korean kids found themselves in an orphanage for  several days. But orphan kids doesn’t seem happy to meet the foreigners.

(Children from the real Almaty orphanage acted in this film)



Festivals / Awards:

Internationales Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg, Official Selection, 2015

Kinoshock 2016 — Best young actor

CMS 9th International Children’s Film Festival — India, Lucknow



Directo9beadd1f99d8cf8fef9155731dd1fec2rs — Ruslan Magomadov, Serik Abishev

Screenwriters — Ruslan Magomadov, Sergey Azimov

General producer — Sergey Azimov

Music improvisation — Batyrkhan Shukenov

DOP — Erkinbek Ptyraliyev

Set designer — Eldar Tamalov

Costume designer — Samal Kozhabekova

Editor — Arkadiy Artsishevskiy

Sound — Zvon Ldov

Casting: Zhanel Makazhanova, Woichtek Solarz Antoni, Askhat Kunchinchirekov, Catherine Montondo



Producer and screenwriter Sergey Asimov: “The orphans in the film are real. Orphans in Kazakhstan need the attention of our hearts. The state provides the material things they need. But that is not enough”. Director Serik Abishev reveals: “My co-director adopted one of the film‘s orphans. The girl lives now at his home in Yekaterinburg.”

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