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18 KiloHertz, 2020 (Coming soon)

 *18 kHz is a sound frequency that adults can’t hear. A new feature film by Farkhat Sharipov Centera Production, AlteraPars Synopsis: Gulnara lost her ring and suspects that her teenage son Sanjar stole it.  Meanwhile, Sanjar is passionate by exploring life with his best friend is Jaga. Boys spend all the time together dreaming about freedom and discovering all the prohibited places with «no entry» signs. Director’s statement The «18 Kilohertz» was inspired by the novel «Hardcore» by Zara Yesenaman. The story represents the realities that Kazakh teenagers lived in the 90s during the heroin boom in Almaty. The setting of this story is interesting to me because my youth just fell […]


Evacuation (WIP) 2021

Feature Film by Farkhat Sharipov Production: Altera Pars (Kazakhstan), Kazakhfilm (Kazakhstan) Logline In the beginning of the World War II, a young woman is getting evacuated with her daughter. During the evacuation, she loses her child in the boundless steppes of Kazakhstan. No documents, no money, no clue on where her child might be. Only hope, that makes her move on and keep looking.   Synopsis The main character of the film is a young woman, Natasha, who, together with her six-year-old daughter, are being evacuated from Leningrad to Alma-Ata in the fall of 1941. At one of the stations, somewhere on the territory of Kazakhstan, they get stuck, waiting for […]


Poet / Project 2021

Director and Scriptwriter — Darezhan Omirbayev Kazakhfilm,  East Wind Production Short Synopsis: Daniyar is a poet at 40 passed dreaming of success and wide recognition, but in fact he stuck in a stuffy office of a small surviving newspaper. His colleagues complain that no one needs poetry in this century of high technologies and consumption. Struggling with his creative crisis and thinking about his useless arts, all of a sudden Daniyar receives an invitation to his author’s evening in one provincial town of Kazakhstan. He feels proud and ready to impress the connoisseurs of his poems. He even has a dream – he reads his poems on the stage, the […]

Poster Horse Thieves

The Horse Thieves. Roads of Time, 2019

Directors: Yerlan Nurmukhambetov, Lisa Takeba Western, Drama  Logline: Foothills of Tian Shan. Gangsters murder a father of a young family and steal the herd of horses that belonged to the village. To compensate the debts the family sells the house and move. On their way they collapse with gangsters. Synopsis: Father of little Olzhas is killed by horse thieves on the day he goes to a market. Now, his mother decides to move back to her hometown with kids and take the horses the father has left behind. A strange man shows up on their door asking to meet Olzhas for once, and volunteers to help their move. In the beautiful countryside of Kazakhstan, the […]

The Secret of a Leader, 2018

Kazakhfilm By Farkhat Sharipov, 97 min Script based on a novel by Daniyar Surgalinov «Bricks 2.0» TRAILER When Kanat hits the bottom, still living with his mother at 40 passed, stuck mid level in his bank job, fantasizing from afar on girls, the unexpected encounter with his evil half, longtime friend Daniyar makes him take a moral u turn and his life takes a plunge in the dark. FESTIVALS: Busan IFF — World Premiere Kazakh release — February 2019 Grand Prix — Moscow International Film Festival, NETPAC Award, Special Jury Award — Aimanov Film Festival in Almaty, Grand Prix – Eurasia International Film Festival, Filmfest Hamburg, Minsk International Film Festival – […]


Walnut tree, 2015

Kazakhfilm «Walnut Tree» by Yerlan Nurmukhambetov One film that won almost all our hearts on the FIPRESCI jury is Walnut Tree, a Kazakhstanian film about the everyday lives of people living in a small village, directed by Yerlan Nurmukhambetov. Basically it is a film about a wedding ceremony, and is full of compassion, laughter and humor. (FIPRESCI) «A young Kazakh couple wants to get married according to a centuries-old tradition. For this, is it necessary to steal the future bride? Eastern cinema with a great sense of humor.» (Warsaw IFF) «The film occupies a unique place in contemporary Kazakh cinema in that it neither wholly glorifies nor disparages life in Kazakhstan. […]