18 KiloHertz, 2020 (Coming soon)

 *18 kHz is a sound frequency that adults can’t hear.

A new feature film by Farkhat Sharipov

Centera Production, AlteraPars

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Gulnara lost her ring and suspects that her teenage son Sanjar stole it.  Meanwhile, Sanjar is passionate by exploring life with his best friend is Jaga. Boys spend all the time together dreaming about freedom and discovering all the prohibited places with «no entry» signs.

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Director’s statement

The «18 Kilohertz» was inspired by the novel «Hardcore» by Zara Yesenaman.

The story represents the realities that Kazakh teenagers lived in the 90s during the heroin boom in Almaty. The setting of this story is interesting to me because my youth just fell on this period. This story reveals one of the many reasons why a child alienates  from the parental home.

The veiled domestic tyranny of Sanjar’s mother leads to a fight with her son. She stops talking to him and does not notice how her son becomes a prisoner of drugs.

Sanjar spends all his time with his best friend Jaga, they are fascinated by the romantic of the streets and prohibited places.

They enjoy their new friends and do not notice the changes in themselves. The world seems so bright and carefree. But all this collapses overnight, when during   another «celebration of life», Jaga dies of an overdose.

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Director, Scriptwriter — Farkhat Sharipov

Producers — Farkhat Sharipov, Dina Zhumabek

Creative Producer — Yuliya Kim

DOP – Alexander Plotnikov

Production Designer – Alexey Shindin

Music — Ilya Odegov

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Musakhan Zhumakhanov (Sancho), Alibek Adiken (Djaga), Kamila Fun-So (Alice), Roman Zhukov (Max), Makhabbat Sarkytpayeva (Sancho’s mother).

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Yuliya Kim (Paris): +33 (0) 78 33 33 544 // kzf.kim@gmail.com
Dina Zhumabek (Almaty): +7 775 488 7731 // contact_dina@yahoo.com
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